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Kristel Ariela Cardona Guzman

Age: 15 (5/7/2006)
Gender: Female
Country: Honduras

Needs a sponsor

       Kristel's favorite color is pink. I guess the photo gave that away! She is still too young for school but will be entering kindergarten next year and is exicited to be able to go and learn. Home is boring becasue all the other kids are at school all day and she has no toys at home to play with. Eagerly, she said she would love to have stuffed animals and a doll. No surprise there!

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Abdon Isaac Aguilar Pineda

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Fully supported

Country: Honduras
City: San Juan de Flores
Location in city: Cantarranas
Age: 11 (7/14/2010)
Gender: Male
Status: Destitute
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